On February 28th, El Pasoans and those that came out of town all gathered at the Don Haskins Center to watch Metallica in all their greatness. As many of you have probably already read, Beto O'Rourke was in attendance, along with his kids. People were taking photos with Beto like he was a rockstar and they also booed him, like a politician.

Either way, Beto wasn't going to let anything stop him from enjoying a damn good Metallica concert. Once Twitter got a glimpse of Beto, tons of different blogs and photos began circulating about his attendance over the concert, instead of giving America the much anticipated 2020 decision we have been waiting for. As we continue to wait for his decision on running in 2020, what we were given is tons of different rumors from different Twitter users.

Some people were quick to start the rumor Beto for being a fake fan because he attended the concert in a button-up shirt. Real fans can rock out wearing a puffy jacket man. You can't stop the rock no matter the outfit.

Another compared Beto's love for Metallica to Ted Cruz's incident with Nine Inch Nails. You can't do that. We all know Cruz isn't cool like that.

One guy started the rumor of this is what Democrats have turned into, METALLICA FANS! Metallica is for everyone, as the band told El Pasoans, so I don't think fans can be categorized into just one political party.

True Beto fans know he has always rocked his love for Metallica, including that viral photo of him wearing a sweatshirt of Metallica in his kitchen. Beto needs to put the rumors to rest and just dress up like a totally emo kid and just come out with his next political move.

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