As we continue to recover from the experience that was Metallica, we are still taking in the wise words shared with the El Paso crowd. James Hetfield took a few minutes to speak to the El Paso crowd. What was probably the best concert of 2019 also was a place of enlightenment as the crowd took in every inspirational word that came out of James' mouth.

As you can hear in the video, Metallica happily welcomed everyone at the show, from young to old, any religion, any political view and basically just anyone open to having a damn good time. The wait for this memorable concert was totally worth the wait. Now, what are we suppose to do the rest of the year? I say we just play this YouTube video, over and over and over until they announced another concert in El Paso. Thank you El Paso for showing some incredible love to Metallica.

Also, shout out to the cane-waving fan that keeps popping up in my video.

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