We Are Harlot's Danny Worsnop and Jeff George stopped by the KLAQ studios this week to play some songs for listeners and answer some questions about their new group.

We Are Harlot had been a side project of Danny Worsnop's since 2011, and now after officially leaving Asking Alexandria last week, he now has the time to fully focus on We Are Harlot and their self titled debut album. The album, "We Are Harlot" is set to be released March 20th and can be preordered now from their website.

Danny and Jeff sat down with me to discuss how the band came together. "We met at a New Year's Eve party in Los Angeles and we were getting a little fucked up, started talking about music. It kind of culminated into us loving the same things, wanting to do the same stuff...We should jam together, we should start a band sometime." From there, Jeff and Danny ended up actually being roommates and started sharing tracks. "That started the next three years of madness....the next 8 months we wrote about 100 songs."

Both musicians also told fans what was their own favorite song on the new album. "We all have different favorites," stated Danny," Mine's a song called 'Love For The Night.'" Jeff George went a little more into detail about his favorite song: "I think for me its a song called 'Dirty Little Thing.' I think 'Denial' is a good example of the personalities in there. You hear each guy in that. I think 'Dirty Little Thing' was written at the exact same time and that kind of has that vibe too."

In the interview, Jeff George said the band was being "picky" about what shows, tours and festivals their going to play, so we asked about a previous statement Worsnop had made about Warped Tour. Worsnop stated that he didn't "like Warped Tour." He went into further detail about that statement: "Its more, a lot of the people on that tour are not very professional. It was something I was just wasn't interested in doing again." Interesting statement, considering Asking Alexandria recently announced that they will be going on Warped Tour this coming summer. Who would they want to tour with? "An Aerosmith, Foo Fighters tour would be an awesome tour to tour with, and we've had some wild nights with Dave. We'll see what happens. We want to be on things that we feel we fit with. Nothing against Warped Tour, we love Kevin (Lyman)...I think I've done it, Danny's done it so much too you move past." stated Jeff.

A show they did admit to being a part of? "We will be shooting off to Milan to open for this little band called Metallica," said the sarcastic Jeff George. That sounds like a good way for a band who hasn't even released their debut album to be going.

Check out the entire interview with Jeff George and Danny Worsnop above.