A waitress in Las Cruces just got a monster tip from a social media challenge designed to show appreciation to service industry workers.

Audrey Pacheco, a waitress at The Game II in Las Cruces, was stunned when she found out that she had been awarded a gigantic tip in what is known as the Venmo Challenge. This social media challenge encourages all of its followers to donate small amounts which turn into super large tips that are in turn awarded to random service industry peeps.

Watch Audrey's reaction to receiving the tip in the video above and see the Las Cruces area Venmo Challenge participants give out their first large, local tip in the video below.

According to hitc.com:

The challenge was started by a TikTok user called Lexy Kadey, who has almost 700,000 followers on her account @LexyLately. In her bio, she calls herself a “serial tipper”, and her Venmo Challenge videos have gone viral.

She started the challenge back in May and has since donated money to 35 different food servers. - hitc.com

You can learn more about the Venmo Challenge creator here and you can also keep up with her on Tik Tok as well as her YouTube channel. You will also find other videos there of her giving out other gigantic tips to surprised and happy service industry workers.

Venmo ... a service of the popular PayPal app ... is sort of a virtual "wallet" which people can use to pay for services and split bills among other things. Learn more about Venmo here.

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