Ernie Els is one of the best golfers in the world. He's a major champion winner and one of the best liked players on tour.

Well, he 7 putted on the first hole at the Masters Tournament. 7 putt. Just to put that in perspective for non-golfers, pros get really mad at themselves when the THREE putt. I've four putted before and it makes me think about quitting the game. And I'm not even very good! Imagine what a 7 putt must feel like for a guy like Ernie Els.

Oh, all those putts? They were all within 4 feet. That's called "tap-in range" for the pros and "almost a gimme" for amateurs.

I actually had trouble believing it until I saw the video on ESPN. Here it is: Ernie Els putting 7 times from within the length of the putter shaft.

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