A 60-year-old Las Cruces man admitted to police that he made a threatening phone call to an unnamed Texas Congresswoman.

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Our news partners at KVIA report that 60-year-old Michael David Fox admitted to Las Cruces police that he threatened to “put a bullet” into the face of the congresswoman.

Fox also called the congresswoman a “tranny and pedophile”.

New Mexico officials said Fox, “claimed to believe that transgender individuals are running governments, kingdoms, and corporations all over the world.”  Of course, the man had no proof of any of his allegations but these are all well-known talking points in the world of “Qanon”.

QAnon is maybe the dumbest conspiracy theory in the history of mankind.

Say what you will about flat-earthers but most of them don’t threaten elected officials over their beliefs (although, I’ll bet there’s a fair amount of overlap in the QAnon and Flat-Earth communities).

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Michael David Fox isn’t the only “Fox” to spread QAnon nonsense.

Fox News corporation had to pay almost $800 million to a voting machine company for spurious claims about the 2020 election being “stolen”.

Some Fox employees were fired but, unlike Tucker Carlson, the Las Cruces Fox will likely be looking at prison time.  Michael David Fox could be sentenced to up to five years in prison over his conduct.

If you want to see all he admitted to saying, you can read the full criminal complaint here. I can’t repeat it on our website because it’s mostly swear words, transphobia, and death threats.

The report doesn’t identify the congresswoman who received the threats. The affidavit only specifies that the call was placed to “the Houston office of a U.S. congresswoman.

There are three female democrats (we can be pretty sure it wasn’t a Republican) who have offices in the greater Houston area. They are Shelia Jackson Lee, Lizzie Fletcher, and Sylvia Garcia.

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