Really??  Wow, you and she need to work on your communication...

Seems like that "she wants it" moment would be fairly easy to pick up on but, just in case you're a little dense ... (and she doesn't have a killer "do me now" outfit like that one>>>)

Saturday night, 11. 

(Don't worry, I didn't find this out myself ... I read it in a report.)

According to an article I found online; that's about when the stress levels from the week have slipped away and she's ready to focus on more pleasant things. 

(She's also probably had a drink or two about then!!)


Yeah, it sounds good I guess, but do you think YOUR sex life is THAT predictable??  Sex is a spontaneous thing. (And women are probably the most unpredictable beings on the planet!)  Plus, I don't think you can always be in the mood at a certain time and date. (You can be in the mood ALL the time period though!!) 

Seriously though; always at a certain time on a certain day??  Unless it's a conjugal prison visit, I don't know about that. (What if your team just lost?? What if you just missed winning the lotto by 1 number? What if the inlaws are staying the weekend??)   

What about all of you out there in the Borderland? Are you a Saturday nighter??  If not, when's your 'favorite' time to getcha' freak on??