I know, it's unthinkable but, the legendary Playboy Mansion may soon be up for grabs.

Oddly enough, it's said that one of the most famous...or infamous...homes in the world won't get anywhere near the $200 million asking price. Neighboring lots in the uber-ritzy Holmby Hills area of Los Angeles have sold for around $60 million. The history of the Playboy mansion though, will likely add some value and push it's price more towards $90 million.

There's a catch though, a codicil in the selling agreement says that Hugh Hefner may continue to live there until he dies. (He actually just rents the mansion, it's owned by Playboy.)

Even at $200 million, I'm sure somebody would buy it just for the history of the place. I will if I win tonight.

C'mon Powerball numbers!

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