Quick recap for those not up to speed on The Walking Dead: Rick and his group of survivors have been invited to the community of Alexandria. Inside, they have electricity, running water, schools and, most importantly, no walkers. The Alexandrians are making a go of creating a sustainable and civilized society. They have demonstrated their willingness to treat the newcomers with respect and compassion. Our “heroes” are already plotting to take over the town if their hosts prove to be too weak. The “heroes” are planning to exploit those weaker than themselves for their own survival. If you don’t catch the implication, I’ll spell it out for you: they are doing the exact same thing the “bad guys” have attempted to do to them in the past. You can’t use the argument that “they doing what they have to in order to survive” and remain ethical. That’s exactly the argument the Governor and the cannibals in Terminus used to justify what they did.

In this clip, Carol threatens and intimidates a young child who has seen her stealing weapons (so she and Rick can take over the town) from the armory. I’d like to point out that the technique she uses is the exact same on the child predators do to get away with their behavior.

“If you tell your parents, very bad things are going to happen to you. Now, how about a cookie, little boy?” Straight out of the pedo handbook. Am I making too much out of a cable TV show about zombies? Probably. But I do think The Walking Dead would make a great college Ethics course. Not at a good college, of course, but at, like, ASU.