Don't you just feel silly for talking smack about long wait times you spent in line at Ticketmaster? I sure do feel silly for complaining about how long I spent waiting in line to enter a concert. But I believe there is a new King in town that makes traffic trying to cross the border like a piece of cake. Before we started hearing about the spike in Covid-19 cases, lines to get tested weren't as bad as they are now. Your typical regulars that kept their safety in check began waiting in long lines since the spike. Lately, I have been remotely working from home which is the explanation if you've noticed a difference in the way I sound. Towards the end of September I didn't expect to hear the scariest results concering my daughter. My little mini Queen, Izzy (my 9 month old) tested positive for Covid-19. After, I immediately called my relatives and told them the scary news and to wear their masks around her.

Well, I had to mentally prepare myself for another quarantine and familiarize myself with places to get tested. The first time I had a Covid-19 test done was towards the end of summer at a clinic on the Westside. No long waiting period to get the test. But I schceduled another Covid-19 test at the mobile testing site off Global Reach on George Perry. I showed up before my scheduled time and they still took me in early and was out generally fast. Since some of my family we're a part of that Covid-19 spike, I have been visiting testing sites like crazy. Now I have taken a total of 4 Covid-19 tests. My favorite location that doesn't require an appointment is at Nations Tobin Park. That's pretty much the only reason why it is my favorite. But spent the longest wait of my life at that particular testing site. Well, during the wait in line I was remembering other places I spent a good amount of time in all sorts of lines. There were lines of people waiting to enter a concert playing at Don Haskins (depending on the artist/band) back then. But other waits I remember long waits was on the Paso Del Norte bridge Downtown. But at least the waiting game was accompanied by a quickie car wash, snacks, and new decor for the wall. Let me know in the poll below where you spent the longest time in line at.

  • Veronica Gonzalez

    El Paso International Airport

    Long vacation breaks are usually the cause of long waits while traveling.

  • Veronica Gonzalez

    I-10 West/East Traffic

    Every El Pasoan and tourist has experienced traffic involving long standstill waits on I-10.

  • Veronica Gonzalez

    Paso Del Norte Bridge (Downtown)

    We all are familiar with the wait times on all bridges that cross into Juarez. Those one-day road trips to another country visitation schedule were based on bridge wait times.

  • Veronica Gonzalez

    Amtrak Transportation Delays

  • Veronica Gonzalez

    Nations Tobin Park (Covid-19 Testing)

    I believe the crown for having the longest wait time that felt like a lifetime goes to Nations Tobin Park. Since the spike and positive cases I was around, I spent hours in line to get checked. I first go in line by 11 am and then left at 3:02 pm.