Just like Pinocchio always wanted to be a real boy, this city in Texas has always wanted a real airport.

Also, like Pinocchio, many of the key components were already in place, they just couldn't seal the deal. Until now and it wasn't Jiminy Cricket that helped bring it home..

Texas has hundreds and hundreds of airports all over the state. Some tiny, some private, some massive. One of them is the 3rd largest in the freakin' world.

The entire island of Manhattan ... home to 1.6 million peeps ... fits within our biggest one. (That's DFW - #1 in Texas and #3 worldwide.) Of the top 10 biggest airports in Texas, El Paso is #7.

Chennault Airfield is located in Conroe, Texas. Over 4 decades in the making, it's not as big as its Houston neighbors but it is home to the Chennault Aviation Academy.

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The land was previously a crop duster dirt airstrip in the 1970s, but has been abandoned for several decades, according to officials, who note this is the first airfield to open in Texas since 2008. The name Chennault was chosen in tribute to Lieutenant General Claire Chennault, who was the World War II leader of the famed Flying Tigers in China. - (source)

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As big as that area of Texas is, and despite the monstrousness of both the nearby Houston airports, I wouldn't be surprised if Chennault continues to grow.

It may even eventually begin to take up overflow from Houston's Bush and/or Hobby airports as they deal with their, neverending, growing pains.

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