Javi and Jo on the Go is a couple from El Paso that tour to places, film it, and put it up on their YouTube channel. Well, COVID-19 has changed the plans for their traveling. So they're doing tours of E Paso. Now we have a walking tour of downtown El Paso.

First stop... San Jacinto Plaza of course. Originally serving as a town square, it dates back to 1881. And yes, there did use to be alligators there as well.

One recommendation the couple have to tour downtown El Paso is the Visit El Paso app. They even have a tour all about Trost & Trost Architects and Engineers on the Visit El Paso app.

You might be wondering why in the world that is important. Well, here's a quick rundown:

  • Henry Charles Trost was an architect originally from Toledo, OH.
  • He moved from Chicago to Tucson, AZ in 1899 but eventually settled in El Paso in 1903.
  • He started the firm Trost & Trost Architects and Engineers with his twin brother Gustavus Adolphus Trost.
  • They went on to design hundreds of buildings from El Paso to Albuquerque to Phoenix to Tucson to San Angelo.
  • Some of the buildings in El Paso they designed were the Anson Mills Building, Hotel Paso del Norte, and multiple buildings at UTEP, including Worrell Hall and Holliday Hall.

And of course, a walking tour of downtown El Paso wouldn't be complete without a stop at the Plaza Theater. Originally built in 1930 and reopened in 2006, the Plaza Theater hosts many shows coming through El Paso and also has more than a few ghost stories attached to it as well.

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