El Paso had some crazy thunderstorms that caused quite a ruckus. In fact, the thunderstorms were so bad a gas pipe was hit causing an evacuation for nearby residents. But for most of Thursday, the weather was gloomy like as if we were experiencing Sleepy Hollow type weather.

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Some El Pasoans have a certain band or type of music they listen to during gloomy weather. El Paso had a little rain Thursday afternoon which can put you in a mood for some songs on a gloomy day.

But there are people that prefer to steer clear of gloomy weather music since it can be a downer for some. But others enjoy some mellow tunes on a gloomy day in El Paso. I even have my own music playlist for gloomy days like yesterday.

When I am in the mood for rock music on a gloomy day, below are some songs I dig listening to. As you're scrolling through the songs I've shared they're more of the chill vibe of different genres of music. Some bands I have included you probably haven't heard in a long time.

For example, one band we haven't heard from in a long time is back with new music and on tour. They came to El Paso years ago and played at a hole-in-the-wall bar downtown. That band you may recall sang songs about suffocating and a stupid girl, which was Cold. You will see a band that doesn't exist anymore in my gloomy playlist below. I hope you enjoy the playlist I like hearing on a gloomy day in El Paso.

Cold has been another favorite band of mine that I've been listening to since my high school days. The song "Cure My Tragedy" always goes perfectly with the gloomy weather in El Paso.

Disturbed's "Hold on to Memories" will always remind me of how the band Disturbed dedicated that to El Paso after the Walmart shooting. But the acoustic version is my ultimate favorite to hear when the sun's hiding.

Nothing More sets the perfect tone for when you're going to the gym. But their song "I'll Be Ok" just fits with the gloomy weather El Paso has on occasion.

The Fly's was a band I discovered from seeing the movie Disturbing Behavior in 1998. Unfortunately, this band only had their one hit "Got You Where I Want You" that you can hear above.

Candlebox is the band I've been listening to since my middle school days. The song "Far Behind" has this melody that just pairs perfectly with rainy weather in El Paso.

Now KLAQ hasn't played Dave Matthews Band in FOREVER but this band is super mellow. I enjoy listening to the song "Satellite" when I am having to drive in the rain.

311 has some hardcore songs but also has those soft melodies for a chill cruise. If calm music helps you drive the speed limit especially on rainy days this is the jam.

Okay, this isn't necessarily a rock band but the tune actually is calming especially while driving in the rain. Because we know other drivers in El Paso are reckless on the road in the rain.

Hopefully, my playlist for a gloomy day in El Paso isn't shocking you. My taste in music varies and love the country genre too. Florida Georgia Line has songs that can pump you up and relaxing ones too. My favorite of theirs to hear is "Dirt" when I am rolling in the rain.

Clearly, if you're all about rock music you won't know of The Internet. The American band is highly known for their song "Girl" featuring Kaytranada. It is soothing for your ears and also quite relaxing too.

I also couldn't leave out hip-hop because that genre also has good jams to listen to on your cruise during overcast. Except we're going back in time to Drake's old album So Far Gone. The song is called "Successful" which is slower than most hip hop songs around.

Saving the best for last, Deftones also has a few songs that are perfect for gloomy days. My ultimate favorite I even sometimes will play on repeat a few times is "Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)" but the acoustic version.

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