Dodgers fans are rejoicing and working with a huge smile on their faces right now. I am one of them and slept like a baby after last night's World Series win. We (Dodgers fans) know that same exact feeling the Tampa Bay Rays were feeling Tuesday night. Hell, we've been in their shoes a few times in a row the previous years. But the Los Angeles Dodgers are proof that hard work pays off. This team has been determined to win another World Series since the last win was in 1988. Although if I may say I believe we should have won the World Series in 2017 against the cheaters aka Houston Astros. But this win definitely felt nice and even I had been feeling like this was our year. I got a wave of goosebumps all over my body when I saw Julio Urias finish the job with what was Tampa Bay Rays final strike.

It has been a tiring time for all the past years of trying to win the World Series and losing each time. But now that time has come for Los Angeles Dodgers to claim the World Series win this year. Guess I can retire a baseball tee I had bought a few years back. The tee says "All I want for Christmas is a World Series Championship" with Puig licking a candy cane instead of a bat. You can see the picture of my soon to be retired baseball tee below. But now I can purchase some new Dodgers gear to wear that includes the words World Series Champions. If you want to re-live that moment Urias threw the final pitch, feel free to above.

Veronica Gonzalez
Veronica Gonzalez
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