Every person who once worked here at KLAQ, KISS, and KROD experienced the joys of pranks. Well, I've got a story that I always remember about a prank that one of our own, Super Mario, did to me. If you're wondering if it was because I was the new girl, nope, not even that. I have been at the station since August 2010. Exactly 8 years ago today in 2012 I used to do the overnight shifts here at the station. Sometimes some of the staff would pop in late to do some production that had to be in before 6 am. Now do know Super Mario is a goofball and all-around nice guy who will give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. He was always a lot of fun to work with and hang out with off the clock. Well, one night I was working the overnight Super Mario thought it would be a good idea to really put me to work. Not a lot of people have gotten a tour of our studios and have no idea what it looks like inside. Well, all of our hallways have something framed that hangs from one end of the hallway to the other.

So 8 years ago today Super Mario took it upon himself to help me awake while working the late night shift. Super Mario took down all the framed items from our walls and placed them on the floor. Although I will admit Super Mario was like a Sour Patch Kid because of the hallway he decided to use. The production side was a piece of cake compared to the sales side of the building. The sales hallways has huge posters that hang on the walls from our past events dating back to the 80's. You can see the pictures below to get an idea of what our hallways are like. I also included proof of Super Mario's prank that he thought would be a good way to keep me up.

Super Mario's Prank

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