Uber is known as a quick, reliable service for customers to get around town. But now this weekend, you can use Uber to make a difference in one Michigan grandfather's life. 

Kenneth Broskey is a 70 year-old grandfather who works full time Uber driver and Real Estate agent, despite battling cancer of the past two years. Recently, Broskey told ABC News he was told he only had two to ten weeks left to live. Instead of following his doctor's advice and looking into hospice care, the man decided to continue working at both his jobs, to better prepare his family financially when he passed. He's trying to raise as much money as he can so he can pay off his $95,000 mortgage so he can make sure his daughter and grandchildren have a place to live once he's gone. His daughter is a part-time waitress and wouldn't be able to afford the mortgage by herself.

Three weeks ago, one fateful Uber ride has now helped him get $22,000 closer to his $95,000 goal. Ronald Gainer, a 22 year-old college student was given a ride by Broskey and the two started up a conversation. Broskey told the student he had stage 4 oropharyngeal cancer with lung metastases. Gainer felt for the elderly man, and wanted to help him in any way possible. The men traded numbers and along with Sebastian Jackson, owner of "The Social Club" barber shop, they started a GoFundMe account for Broskey. In three days, the men were able to raise $22,000 dollars for the man.

The barbershop "The Social Club" also had a dinner fundraiser that help raise another $500. Kenneth Broskey said he will continue to drive and earn money for his family until he is unable to anymore. You can help Kenneth Borskey by coating to his GoFundMe page or simply using an Uber car this weekend! Use the promo code UberPartnerKen and $1 from every ride using the has tag will go towards Kenneth Broskey and his family.