You never forget those teachers that leave an impact on your life, no matter how old you are. Teachers also never forget their kids, no matter how long it has been since they've seen them. I was brought to tears with this TikTok, showing just how much teachers impact our lives, as well as how much we impact theirs.

A kindergarten teacher was surprised by the last class she taught before retiring, in full cap and gown, before their high school graduation. The sweet moment will hit you right in the feels.

Mrs. Pearson taught kindergarten in the same school for 38 years before retiring. Her daughter, Kim, was relaxing with her parents in their backyard before capturing the sweet reunion on camera.

As soon as the first student showed up at her gate, Mrs. Pearson knew her by name. In fact, she knew every one of the children by name as she greeted them. She was overcome with emotion by seeing her little kids all grown up and ready to graduate high school.

Here's the thing: I can still remember all of my teachers when I was young, and by name. Teachers have so many kids filtering through their classrooms over the years. 38 years of kids, and it was remarkable to see how Mrs. Pearson knew these young people by name and without hesitation.

I will always preach this, no matter how old I get and what I go through in life: Teachers do not get enough credit for what they do and the love they hold in their hearts. Day by day, they come and teach, but they also teach things not found in books. Those things stick with you throughout life. They deserve to be recognized for their dedication and daily care for young minds.

Kenny Eliason
Kenny Eliason

This TikTok reminded me of my 3rd-grade teacher, Mrs. Raines. She was the first teacher that I clearly remember understanding me and relating to me past a teacher-student level. She was warm, and kind, but also held a standard for me academically and personally. I was still relatively the new kid in town, and she made me feel like I belonged and helped me integrate into the school. She has since passed away, but she left a lasting impression and I still think about her often.

I hope those students that surprised Mrs. Pearson knows how special she is, and how special they are for getting such a warm spirit to start their academic career.

Watch the full TikTok of Mrs. Pearson's former students surprising her on graduation day below:

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