We all enjoy hearing a horror story here and there from time to time. But can you imagine being on the other side of that table? Imagine being the storyteller with a horror story to tell about a particular weeping woman. That is what it feels like for a particular El Pasoan who has had not one but a few stories about a ghost who roams areas where a large bank of water sits. The ghost is known as "La Llorona" and has possibly been heard near the Rio Grande according to one El Pasoan. The mourning woman of the Southwest is a story a lot of us are familiar with. In fact, one particular El Pasoan has a few stories of his own that he has shared about his encounters with "La Llorona" to True Horror Stories of Texas. The El Pasoan who shared his handful of stories didn't share his name but instead mentioned his Reddit user name, djunderdawg85.

Djunderdawg85 seems to believe he has encountered "La Llorona" on separate occasions. It all started when he was 11 years old back in the 90's when he first heard what he seems to believe to be the weeping woman. He heard a woman screaming from the ditch near his parent's home around 4 am. While he was hearing the screaming the animals that surrounded the neighborhood were howling and whimpering. During that time he heard the woman say "Oh, my children!" in Spanish. After he did what every scared kid would do, and that was to run to his parent's room to wake them up. Once his mom started to was up from her sleep the screaming and crying faded away. Another incident he recalls was back in 2015 when he worked as a custodian at Cedar Grove Elementary School. He and a co-worker heard screaming from a distance. They were the same loud screams djunderdawg85 recalls hearing from when he was younger. As soon as he got his phone out to record the screams faded away again. Reading his stories about "La Llorona" got me spooked out a bit. Do you believe he may have heard "La Llorona" like he claims he has? Leave your vote in the poll below.

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