There are some people who enjoy a nice car show especially when it features some sick and classic rides. I got my dose of a dope car show that was free and had lowriders displaying their hydraulics system.

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Let me just say if you've never been to a car show of lowriders in El Paso this should be at the top of your list. The Heritage Cruise Night should be every car fanatics' favorite Sunday Funday thing to do in El Paso.

I learned all about it from the man who put it all together and showed me around the ropes, Pastor Eddie Cabral. Heritage Cruise Night was the best way to end your Sunday on a good note before starting a new week.

I had my very first ride in a lowrider back in July 2017 which was a ride I will always remember and never forget. You can see the evidence I shared for all to see from my YouTube video below.

I had so much fun at The Heritage Cruise Night especially riding in a couple of lowriders which I was able to cross off my bucket list. But if you love a car show and friendly people then this is Sunday Funday worthy.

Pastor Eddie Cabral has tons more videos of The Heritage Cruise Night from the past years. Just like one of his YouTube videos below that he had filmed in July 2017.

But if you attended before you should be happy to know Heritage Cruise Night is coming back next month. The first night to kick it all off will be on Sunday, April 24. So get the family ready for an unbelievable free car show on Texas Ave. near downtown.

So get your lawn chairs ready to use and sit along Texas Ave. to enjoy watching hydraulic lowriders hop around.

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