While we have seen rioters take to the streets in major cities across the US, we've also seen videos and photos of people jumping up to protect their communities. UFC fighter and Albuquerque resident Jon Jones was out on the streets last night during tumultuous protests in the city. When he saw some young kids with spray cans in the downtown area, he immediately confronted them and took the spray cans from them. The kids can be seen trying to get away but Jones continues his pursuit until he is able to get the cans away.

The encounter was caught on camera and Jones posted the video on his own Instagram account voicing his frustration with the looters and rioters on the streets. Jones explained how he wondered if the protests were even about George Floyd anymore and questioned why instigators would be ruining their own cities. Jones ended the caption by asking Albuquerque residents to protect the city and to get their kids to go home and get off the street last night.

Jone "Bones" Jones has been vocal on social media about the death of Minnesota's George Floyd. Jone stated on his Twitter that he wouldn't wish the way Floyd was killed on his worst enemy:

Jones also went on to explain that those who follow jujitsu would recognize the blood choke being used on Floyd to incapacitate him. He said what Floyd went through was "worse than drowning" and that the anxiety Floyd was facing "must have been excruciating." Jones said a nationwide policy change was needed and what the officer did to Floyd was torture:

See the video below of Jon Jones confronting the vandals.

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