Maybe if the Ladies U S Soccer team had tried this shot they would have won.The United Arab Emirates crushed Lebanon 6-2 in a friendly on Sunday. So perhaps in an effort to make things interesting and perhaps because he simply does not conform to acceptable standards of penalty kicks, the U.A.E.'s Awana Diab decided to attempt an absolutely ridiculous penalty kick. And it worked. Diab's setup seemed like any other for a penalty, but as he ran up to the ball, he stopped, turned around and backheeled the ball toward the goal. Stunned by the audacity, madness and nerve it takes to try and score a penalty with your back to the goal, the keeper just stood and watched as the ball trickled into the net. Acrobatics aside, the back-flip penalty kick has nothing on this. U.A.E. manager Srecko Katanec did not appreciate Diab's creativity, though. He immediately substituted the player out of the match and after the game said that he would be disciplined for the "disrespectful act." Watch this great shot.

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