In the name of all that is holy, make it stop.

Throughout all the road construction hell we've been through around here, there was one way you could get around it; good old Trans Mountain. Someone tipped TxDOT off to our safe, serene and beautiful detour around their madness though and ... starting next month ... they're tearing it up.

According to KTSM:

TxDot will begin work on all four lanes of Transmountain next month. They say the project will take more than a year. During the construction, traffic could be down to one lane for stretches at a time in both directions while crews repave the road.

The project is expected to be complete by Spring 2021.

I'm no expert but, the paving on Trans Mountain doesn't seem bad at all to me. Couldn't this project wait until they finish all the other things they have going on? What do you think?

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