Travelers driving from El Paso to Carlsbad ... or anyone using that stretch of US 62/180 ... for the holidays are in for some traffic issues.

Carlsbad, New Mexico is a beautiful place and it's so close to El Paso that it makes an awesome and easy day trip. One of my favorite, cheesy horror movies was filmed around there.

Something those with friends and family there especially appreciate over the holidays since it makes family gatherings easy to get to. This year though, leave a little earlier.

Starting today, 12/11), it'll be "orange barrel drive" along US 62/180 between El Paso and Whites City, near Carlsbad.

The New Mexico Department of Transportation announced that road work will be done on US 62/180 beginning at milepost 7 to milepost 8 (north of the Texas state line) and continuing to mile post 19 to 20 (north of Whites City, New Mexico).

Beginning Monday, Dec. 11,  drivers can expect one lane to be closed on both northbound and southbound directions throughout the duration of the project and during working hours.

The work will be done from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. - ktsm

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As long as the weather doesn't mess up the work schedule, construction should only take a few weeks. The weather doesn't really care about our plans though so, be ready.

The New Mexico Department of Transportation currently has several projects going on around Carlsbad and throughout the whole state.

To learn more about what's going on all over the land of enchantment, and in/around New Mexico cities bordering El Paso, click here.

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