When a certain rock band comes out with a song that has a catchy beat and later another band has a similar sound brings it down to a mashup. The person who mashed these two bands and songs together has a good ear to sense the similarity.

There are many artists that think they will get away with copying another artist but not all do. One familiar story was when Robin Thicke lost a multi million dollar lawsuit for ''Blurred Lines"  that featured Pharrel Williams. There are a lot of songs that are almost exactly alike like the two above in the video. Nickelback and Seether seem to have the same beat in the mashup video. Seether's "Same Damn Life"  has something in common with an older artist Little Peggy March with "I Will Follow Him'' which is the same bouncy beat.

If you're curious how this mash up sounds, be sure to give it a listen above!

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