Some of you that enjoy watching a re-make of a movie also appreciate a cover of an old song. Hopefully these five songs and bands are well liked in your heart just as much as they are in mine.

The first song we will start off with is covered by the Deftones called Drive. In my opinion I loved the Deftones cover more than The Cars original version. The next band that I also preferred the cover over the original cut is from Shinedown titled Simple Man. That track was originally from Lynyrd Skynyrd which I am sure many of you prefer their cut. The next one on the list is Seether with Careless Whisper which the real creator was George Michael. Another great cover that is slow but touching is when Disturbed covered The Sound of Silence which is a song from the American duo Simon and Garfunkel. Last but not least a hard rocking cover done by Five Finger Death Punch titled Mama Said Knock You Out that is a hip hop song.

If you're a fan of cover songs be sure to check out these well known rock bands to a rock steady job!

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