So much for the Presidential pardon!

Picture of a turkey
Flickr User OZinOH

A turkey named Peace that was pardoned last year by President Barack Obama was euthanized earlier this week at the Mt. Vernon Estate where the pardoned turkeys live out the rest of their feathery lives. Well, at least they are supposed to. A rep for the estate said that the bird was euthanized after falling "ill" over the weekend. It is unknown what the illness was, how severe it was, or what happened to the bird. I'm just hoping he didn't end up on someone's Thanksgiving table.

Peace was the understudy for Liberty, the initial bird that was supposed to be pardoned by Obama. Instead, he decided to pardon both birds from their dining room table fate. This seems to be a new trend of his, since this year President Obama pardoned two birds again. All of these birds will now live their lives out in peace in memory of Peace. Unless they die too from curious causes.

You can read more about it here.