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President Obama Praises 1966 Texas Western Team
If you were in attendance Saturday afternoon at Don Haskins Center, you were treated to one of the most memorable games in recent memory. Despite being down by 19 points in the second half, the UTEP Miners came back to defeat Western Kentucky in overtime by a final score of 93-89...
A Message to Colorado from President Obama
Legalized pot has been a bit “hit” in Colorado so far. Here’s something I wonder about: If we, as El Pasoans, have to go through a potentially invasive search when we want to leave our city ( Border Patrol Checkpoints) will people leaving Colorado be …
He Is American? DAMN!
Well, It's official, President Obama is American. We had a chance to get rid of him then he pulls the birth certificate out of his third point of contact. See his birth certificate here.