It comes but once a year, but I think we all know that Thanksgiving is the biggest food day of the year! But if you can't wait for turkey day, or you're looking for just a taste of it, well, two El Paso favorites are offering you a taste of Thanksgiving, but without all the hassle!

Homemade Roasted Thanksgiving Day Turkey with all the Sides

You've got your main Thanksgiving staples; turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing (or dressing as some call it), cranberry sauce and much more. How about all that in one unique dish? How about in a burger?

That's exactly what Toro Burger Bar is offering you this year with their Holiday Burger:

This is their burger of the month and comes with a turkey burger, ham, stuffing, brown gravy, and cranberry chutney. It's basically a Thanksgiving burger- only someone else went through all the hassle, and you don't even have to clean up!

Toro Burger Bar has a lot of different offerings; it's also been named as one of the best burger places in Texas, so this holiday burger is bound to be a hit.

If you're more in the mood for pizza, then you're in luck! The Pizza Joint, one of El Paso's favorite pizza places, has brought back their signature Thanksgiving pizza!

This one is a holiday favorite and it's basically a Thanksgiving feast in pizza! Just look at how this is made!

Sure, Thanksgiving just comes once a year- but it also guarantees that these El Paso favorites make their way back to us and into our bellies!

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