Nobody plans to shop for groceries ON Thanksgiving day.

Food Bank Hands Out Turkeys Ahead Of Thanksgiving
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But, situations arise. Sure, you can make a convenience store run for ice or basic sundries. Some groceries are just essential to the perfect holiday meal.

What happens when you need onions or, if you’ve screwed up the turkey, a honey-glazed ham?

This year, two grocery giants in El Paso, Walmart and Target have both decided they will NOT be open on Thanksgiving Day.

Costco and Sam’s Club are also dark that day.

Where can El Pasoans go for a last-minute grocery run on the big day?  Using El Paso Inc. and KTSM-9 as our primary sources, here’s where you can get groceries on Thanksgiving Day.

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El Paso Albertsons WILL be open on Thanksgiving. Different stores may have adjusted hours and the pharmacy may not be open, though.


WILL be open but with holiday hours of 7 am to 3 pm on Thursday.


ALL El Super grocery stores will be OPEN on Thanksgiving. However, the hours vary for each of the stores varies.


Open, but “Holiday Hours”.


Your guess is as good as mine. Every Vista Market store has “Holiday Hours May Differ” for Thanksgiving Day.

CVS and Walgreens will both be open on Thanksgiving. The individual store and pharmacy hours may differ for each store.

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