There's a locally owned escape room that made some adjustments for a new escape room. Operation Outbreak is El Paso's escape game that is located in Central El Paso. The locally owned escape room had to close for a while due to the current pandemic. But they announced some good news that El Pasoans would be happy to know. There have been some modifications done to create a new escape room that is longer to explore. Usually, most escape rooms are at most 60 minutes but after making a few changes there's a longer escape room now. Since this new, longer escape room was built it is now the toughest room to solve yet. The new escape room is called Rapture Bank Volume 2. This kind of escape will require you to hack into the system and get past the bank security.

If you've been on the hunt for a new problem solver then this room has just that for you. Except this mission will be longer than the other escape rooms you have tried to escape out of. Rapture Bank Volume 2 is set to be about 75 minutes long. So you get an extra 15 minutes added on to your mission compared to the other rooms that are only 60 minutes. If you have tried all other escape rooms and want a new and brainstorming mission the Rapture Bank Volume 2 will definitely put your brain to work. In order to experience escaping out to break free, you must make reservations ahead of time. They're also practicing safety guidelines due to the pandemic so make sure to wear your masks.

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