Travel Reporter Andrea Sachs of The Washington Post has a list of "Things to do in El Paso." Her "You're Going Where?" series amazingly doesn't list Chicos Tacos or Whataburger, she kept it classy I guess. She does however include 17 places to visit, eat, shop and where to stay.

Sachs does a great job of highlighting local favorite things to do like go hiking at Hueco Tanks and the Franklin Mountains (also they're great for those Instagram worthy pics that make it look like you're an avid hiker, trust me, I know). Her descriptions of the food served at Cafe Mayapan, Cafe Central, Valentine's Kitchen & Bar (not to be confused with Valentine's bakery) and H&H Carwash made my mouth water and reminded me that I should go pay them a visit, also, we need to get our car washed so might as well (they really do a great job).

As for her suggestions of places to stay, I haven't stayed at Hotel Indigo, The Gardner Hotel or Casa de Suenos Country Inn (mainly because I live here) but they seem like great places for a weekend getaway where you can truly admire the "quirks and charms" of the city we live in.

My favorite part of her article was her "Explore" section where she highlights Five Points. I live in the area and the neighborhood is full of old school charm but bursting with new life. Her description of the Pershing Inn and Love Buzz are on point. All in all, Sach's descriptions kind of highlight what we here in the 915 are all about, family. I've always loved that about El Paso, everywhere you go, you're treated like family and it was great to see someone like Sachs of The Washington Post experience that and write it for everyone to read.