It's always a pleasure to remember the time Chris Taylor Brown performed an acoustic set at Klaq. Trapt's Chris Brown wanted to give a few lucky listeners a special acoustic set before the big show later that night.

I remember that day so well since I did have the opportunity to drive Chris and a couple others around. Chris even asked me for permission to sit in my son's car seat at the time! If you're wondering, yes, Chris DID actually fit in a car seat! His girlfriend at the time was being apologetic for Chris being silly in the backseat. One song I caught on camera was "Headstrong" that was beautifully played in acoustic mode. Trapt music is so contagious to our ears and soul. Hopefully we can see these guys come back to El Paso for another show soon.

If you enjoy throwback Thursday, then this acoustic set by Chris Taylor Brown is worth the listen!


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