Calling all hipsters who are trying to have the best collection of records of all millennials. You think that limited edition vinyl you just spent your rent on is cool, you haven't seen this amazing tortilla record.

It has finally happened. We can turn food into music. I am not just talking about food being used to fuel your booty trumpet, I am talking about tortillas being carved to become playable records.

If you have some uncooked tortillas, a laser cutter and a computer, you can make your own edible records. YouTuber Rapture Records shows off his creative work of these records that actually play "The Mexican Hat Dance" with pretty good audio quality.

He has experimented before with other songs like, "Putting on the Ritz" and the "Macarena" but the audio wasn't as great as this attempt. Once say maybe we can use some flatbread, pita bread and maybe even cookies to start making records. A girl can dream to one day rock out to Halestorm on a chocolate chip cookie.

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