My love life can be summed up with one word. Sad. After a bad break-up and failed engagement, I've been reflecting on my past relationship. The only way to get me through my break up was turning to music. I stayed here in El Paso and my Ex went back to New Jersey.

This song is my baby mama's song to me because it worked out for a quick second and then turned bad fast.

5. She Hates Me- Puddle Of Mudd

When my ex called off our engagement and moved from El Paso back to New Jersey, I felt horrible. This next song sums up how I felt.

4. I Hate Everything About You- Three Days Grace

If my ex would want to get back together I'd probably do it. Amy Lee and Seether once dated! Yup and they made a song together to sing about it.

3. Broken- Seether feat Amy Lee

I know scars isn't about a relationship but when your feeling down and you just broke up. This is a go to song.

2. Scars- Papa Roach

We are finally at number one and what can I say? Love hurts everyone at some point. Remember... “If you don't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?”-RuPaul

1. Love Hurts- Nazareth