If you're into the whole scoping out haunted locations, Paranormal Travels will show you their top 5! They picked their top 5 spots in El Paso that has been known for unusual activity.

We all know of one place that is definitely haunted in El Paso and have that guilty pleasure of visiting it. Paranormal Travels goes into their top 5 locations that have had some weird stuff happen. The fifth location that EVERYONE can agree with goes out to La Hacienda Restaurant. The restaurant's location was in the same vicinity as the Hart's Mill building. Next on the countdown for the fourth haunted joint goes to the Magoffin Home. The Magoffin Home staff have said things have been misplaced and a rocking chair will just rock all by itself. Moving on to the third site isn't unknown to us what so ever! The El Paso Downtown Library even scared me as a kid when I would go with my mom to check out books. Before we get to number one, the second most haunted joint was given a creepy honor for the scariest campus in the country! I believe we can agree with Mandatory.com for listing El Paso High School as the scariest campus. Your final most haunted spot that EVERYONE enjoys taking a tour at is Concordia Cemetery. Anyone you ask knows of a personal story their relative or friend told them about that cemetery.

Paranormal Travels reverend Henry Flores investigated these five places and shows you the evidence above.