Everyone enjoys gathering together claiming they're Irish during St. Patrick's Day! Tomorrow is the day you can take advantage of trying one of these St. Patrick's Day cocktails.

Mr. Fredenza introduces you to his top 5 cocktails and makes them right in front of you at his bar! He first introduces you to one of his favorites that is called the Irish Nut that is served in a short glass. The second one he serves up is called a Gold Emerald Shooter which is a shot. As he starts introducing his third drink, he mentions it's a very sweet drink that is served cold. It seems like he was saving his best drinks for last since his fourth mix is called the Irish Buck and even sounds quite delicious. His final drink on his top 5 list is quite dark and soothing and is called Black Velvet. So when you're out and about tomorrow be sure to order one of these St. Patrick's Day themed cocktails!

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