The great Alice Cooper is going to headline the second night of the Downtown Street Festival on June 24th. In addition to his Hall-of-Fame music career, Alice has a substantial filmography. Here are his top five appearances either playing himself or being played by another actor.

  • Dark Shadows

    In this 2012 Tim Burton movie, Alice plays himself as he's hired by vampire Barnabas Collins to entertain at a grand ball.  Alice performs "No More Mr. Nice Guy" as Barnabas Depp gives his assessment: "Ugliest woman I've ever seen."

  • Roadie

    The 1980 movie Roadie starred Meatloaf. But Alice made a memorable appearance as himself.

  • Monster Dog

    In this 1984 Italian B-movie is the only movie in which Alice plays the main character.  This movie is pure '80s schlock-horror at it's best/worst.

  • Vinyl

    Vinyl was an HBO series by Mick Jagger and Martin Scorsese that was cancelled after just one season.  Alice himself doesn't appear in the show but the character "Alice Cooper" is portrayed by an actor. I got into Vinyl and since then I've wanted to ask how much actually happened, especially about the scene of him threatening to behead a record rep with his on-stage guillotine.

  • Wayne's World

    This has got to be Alice's most famous movie appearance.  It's because of this movie that fans at his show still scream out "We're not worthy! We're not worthy!" to this very day.

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