Tonight is the last night Full Metal Jackie will be the host of Loudwire Nights. Jackie is leaving the show to focus on her other numerous Rock projects. Fans of Jackie know what an incredibly busy person she is within the music Industry, managing Five Finger Death Punch, assisting with managerial aspects of other bands, working in music promotion, along with many other behind the scenes projects.

We thank Jackie for helping establish Loudwire Nights to become the hugely successful nighttime Rock Radio show it has become. Jackie is leaving behind her multiple interviews which have enriched your Loudwire Nights listening experience. One of Jackie and Tony’s favorite things was take you inside the world and minds of the vast universe of Rock stars who appeared on the show. That personal backstage pass will remain one the key things you’ll hear while rockin’ out Loudwire Nights.

Loudwire Nights comes your way each Monday through Friday 7 p.m. to Midnight. Tony LaBrie brings you the best new Rock, the best old Rock, and the BEST METALLICA every night at 10 p.m. when “Mission Metallica” lifts off. Loudwire Nights has gain a legion of fans nationwide by putting fans up close and personal with the biggest Rock Stars. Loudwire Nights also has a wealth of golden nuggets mined from the 90’s providing regular flashbacks to some of your favorite concert memories; even a frequent jarring of the memory banks with a forgotten song from a band that once grabbed your attention, if only for a brief moment in time.