Former presidential hopeful Tom Steyer has gone viral after this video showing him dancing with rapper Juvenile hit the internet. Tom Steyer may have suspended his presidential campaign but at least he waited until after this glorious performance in South Carolina. While there are many things we've heard Tom talking about "backing up" during his campaign, "that azz" is obviously one thing we needed more of. While some may think it "Juvenile" to show these types of dance moves in public, Tom Steyer had no issue showing us what he's working with.

Steyer was at a campaign rally at Allen University in Columbia, South Carolina and was joined on stage by his family and rapper Juvenile, who I now assume he feels is family. During a performance of his hit "Back That Azz Up," Steyer is seen doing every terrible dance move known to man. You see what looks like the sprinkler, that awkward pointing to people in the crowd, the old man version of the butterfly, among others. The only dance move I think he has left in the repertoire he hasn't utilized is the shopping cart. Please watch the video above and enjoy one of the last times Steyer was on the campaign trail. I hope to see him on one of the seasons of Dancing With The Stars soon.

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