A big-time and beloved movie star like Tom Hanks doesn’t have to endorse shady products to make a little extra scratch. Offhand, I can’t think of one product Tom Hanks has pitched, not counting that time he tried to convince JFK that Dr. Pepper was the best treatment for Shy Bladder Syndrome.

So, when an internet ad for some brand of CBD started popping up Hanks had to nip that shit right in the bud. Here’s Mr. Hanks shutdown on Instagram along with a number of celebrity comments:

You might have noticed that Dr. Oz is mentioned in the same bogus ad. There’s a very weird dual meaning to having a Dr. Oz “endorsement” on a dodgy faux-medical claim: 10% of people will think it’s a valid product because it has Dr. Oz’s endorsement. 90% of people will know automatically that it’s snake oil…because it has Dr. Oz’s endorsement. Dr. Oz is a real medical doctor with a long list of very impressive credentials. But he has endorsed some janky pseudo-medical products before. Which is why it came as such a surprise to me to find out that Dr. Oz WASN’T a real endorser of this product.

I think it really says something about your product when even Dr. Oz doesn’t want his name associated with it. Dr. Oz! Do you know how many “miracle” weight loss crap this guy has endorsed? Way, way, WAY too many.

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