My dreams have come true! The sweetest man on earth, Tom Hanks has become a rap star. No more romantic comedies for him, just big booty women! Thank you Buckwheat Groats! This video is NSFW, so watch out!

Rap duo, Buckwheat Groats have created a viral video to showcase just how badass back-to-back academy award winner Tom Hanks is. Their rap lyrics are genius as they manage to focus on all of Hank's major roles and relate them to some 'gangsta' situation.

The video for this song leaves you speechless. When Toy Story's main character Woody, voiced by Hanks, makes an appearance in this video, I felt completely disturbed.

Whoever created this video deserves an award and needs to get off a few drugs. Hanks hasn't commented on this video yet but I am pretty interested to see what he is going to say. The only thing I think is missing is a cameo from LT. Dane and some ice cream.

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