Because we keep dying, that's why.

Seriously.  According to an article I found at, the typewriter has held it's ground in our digital age due to funeral homes. (For you youngsters out there, that's a typewriter in the picture.  They were once very popular. I think President Kennedy had one.)

Seems many states require that death certificates be ONLY hand written or typed.  Didn't know that, didja'??

(Other official documents are also limited to being hand written or typed only, but the tide is turning. Laws are being changed as certain state and federal agencies are being dragged into the modern age.)

For now, it seems the typewriters saving grace is the funeral home industry.  Them and Tom Hanks. (Youngsters, he's an actor. He was once very popular. I think he met President Kennedy in Forrest Gump.)  Apparently, he LOVES typewriters.  Read what he wrote about them.

As for you, what do you think about the death certificate issue?

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