Last week El Paso had quite a bit of rain which cooled things down. It also gave El Pasoans something to do with the leftover rain laying around. Lately, videos of people canoeing or kayaking in different spots around El Paso have been surfacing after the rain settled down a bit.

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But we haven't gotten much rain lately, and if we do certain spots will continue to remain a natural pond area. There was one spot I discovered in Central El Paso people can canoe in that is hidden. Apparently, it rained a lot in such little time there is a pond of water that still remains.

The little pond is near Lt. Col. Robert "Bob" Chisolm Park which is right across from Clendenin Elementary School on Harrison Avenue. It's actually also near the hidden skate park you have to climb down to get to. I took a few pictures of the naturally formed pond that lays in between a skate and play park.

Now some people don't trust floating above the water that has been sitting around for days and polluted. But as you have seen on The Real Fit Fam El Paso some people just don't care. For example, they featured some people floating in a canoe at Album Park, see it by checking above.

So if you would like it more secluded and give your arms a damn good workout, this spot is still around. But who knows how long it will last until it eventually dries up in the Sun City. You can check out the area in the picture I captured below.

Veronica Gonzalez
Veronica Gonzalez

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