So , You  already  know how to  pack your Cooler.( see Part 1 if you're haven't paid attention) 

Now its time to get to the Grilling Part :

1.Tasty Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs

  • Foot long  Hot dogs ( I prefer all meat  franks)
  • Your Favorite Bacon ( I prefer Thick cut bacon)
  • Celery  salt
  • Tooth Picks

Very easy ….sprinkle celery salt on Hotdog … wrap with bacon insert toothpicks on ends of beacon (to hold bacon) and grill until bacon is golden and crispy.

2.Fast Cook Burgers( for the persons that JUST  cant wait )   

  • Buy a High Fat  Ground Meat (80/20 )
  • Seasoning Salt OR your favorite  seasoning (over seasoning  and you lose the taste of the meat)

Make meat patties out of your seasoned meat. BUT make them as thin a peace of cardboard (trust me) … Grill over HIGH heat 2mintues per side!!! Wa-la!!!

Add cheese and dress your burger as you wish, lettuce, tomato, and pickles on a grilled bun…. Delish!!


  • OK… everyone has a Recipe so I’m not going to touch this one!!


  • Simple … Your best  BBQ …
  • Cook chicken and after it’s almost done, apply BBQ sauce and cook for a few more minutes 

Oh by the way  , I’m Not  a Chef  and only give you these recipes as I have tried them and  they worked . Happy  Grilling  and See you at the 2011 KLAQ  Balloon Fest