As we established earlier this week, I'm turning into my abuelita. I'm constantly tired, but I don't know if it's because I still have COVID fatigue or because of my weird sleep schedule. Either way, I'm tired all the time and I constantly need naps!

Working on the Morning Show has definitely altered my sleeping habits; I've always loved to sleep so when I got hired for the Morning Show, I had to re-examine my sleeping habits. I usually wake up around 3:30ish A.M. and I'm usually in bed by 9. It's not much of a good nights rest so I do end up taking naps during the day.

There are times where I take the perfect nap, and then there are times where I end up feeling worst after my nap. Apparently I'm napping wrong, and you may be too! According to Rebecca Robbins, a sleep scientist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, you shouldn't underestimate the power of a good "power nap". However, if you want the full effects of a power nap, you have to do it correctly.

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According to sleep experts, power naps should only be about 20 to 30 minutes, and you really aren’t supposed to actually fall asleep. We're already starting wrong, my naps usually take an hour!

Former professor and chair of psychology at Cornell University James Maas warns of napping for too long and notes that anything longer than 40 minutes could leave you feeling “groggy” for at least an hour afterwards. You want to aim for 20 to 30 minutes. However, if you’ve done 20 minutes and still feel groggy, he suggests something as simple as splashing cold water on your face could fix that.

Other tips include:

  • Set a specific time and find a comfortable place for your nap.
  • Keep your alarm away from your bed so you won’t hit snooze and nap for too long.
  • After your nap don’t stay inside, get out and get a little daylight to combat grogginess.
  • If you’re someone who has trouble sleeping at night, skip the nap.

This just proves that we're all doing naps wrong. Do you have a weird work schedule and require a nap during the day? Same. Let's all try these tips and hope for the best. Check back with me in a week.

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