Well, it happened. If you missed it, on the Morning Show, we announced that I had tested positive for COVID-19. I was out for about a week and a half and after the CDC recommended ten day quarantine I finally tested negative. I made my return to the office today (8/16) and while I was excited to return, I definitely felt the after effects.

Yes, I went to Las Vegas, a known hotspot, and I was a little loose with my mask wearing. I'm assuming that's where I got it, or at least on the commute back to town. It all started when my sister began exhibiting symptoms when we got home. She had a cough, body aches and a runny nose. For her own peace of mind, she went to get tested and sure enough, she tested positive.

My entire family and then went and got tested immediately and the rest of us tested negative. Which was a huge relief at the time. My sister immediately quarantined herself in the basement while my family and I began disinfecting the house. We thought we were in the clear.

Then the next day I began feeling fatigued, but I figured it was because I had just gotten back from a trip and there was so much commotion that I didn't really get to rest; I figured a good night's sleep would make me feel better. I was wrong. I woke up the next morning with congestion and I couldn't smell! Hesitant as I was, I still went to work. When I got off from work I got tested again and I then tested positive. It was my worst fear come to life. It was happening to me! I thought "Damn, I almost went the whole pandemic without getting it". But I had hope, I was vaccinated and full believe that is the only reason I didn't get worst symptoms! I went home and joined my sister in the basement. The next three days were a blur.

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I had a low grade fever, major congestion, a cough and my body was aching. I felt like a train had run me over and I was left trying to pick myself up. My mom, not one to let her daughters fend for themselves while sick, made sure we had everything we needed. She got us waters, Sprites and Gatorades. At one point she got us a Pedialyte and asked which flavors we wanted, to which we responded: "It doesn't matter, we can't taste".

I was in and out of sleep for three days but my mom made sure that we took our medicines to help alleviate symptoms, made sure we ate and also made do tummy time. We had to lay on our stomachs for awhile (apparently it helps increase the amount of oxygen we get into our lungs).

After three days of hell, I began to feel better- as did my sister. By then, my mom had us walking around a bit (which definitely felt like a workout!). My mom also made us her famous caldo de pollo which she swore would make us feel better. Either I was hopped on cold medicine but the caldo did make me feel a little better.

Joanna Barba
Joanna Barba

After a week my sister finally tested negative. She bought an at home test and it came up negative for her- unfortunately for me, I was still positive.

joanna barba
joanna barba

I then left the basement to quarantine in my own room- which was sad because I didn't even get to have my cats in there with me!

The weekend passed and I finally was starting to feel well enough to broadcast from home. It was a bit bumpy at first but as the week went on I got the hang of it, and I began feeling much better.

On Friday, I took another at home test and finally tested negative! By then, it would also have been the full ten days of quarantine. I took the weekend to get my stuff together and prepare for the week. I made a return to work today. It was nice, but what was nicer was the outpouring of support I got while I was sick. I had friends, coworkers, family and listeners reach out to me and wish me a speedy recovery! You don't know how much I appreciate it and I thank you all! All I can say now is, if you can, wear a mask, get the vaccine (which I whole heartedly believe was the one reason that I didn't get worst symptoms!) wash your hands and stay safe.

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