Do you make your bed every morning? Well if you do, according to a new study, you have your life together! The study showed that people who make their bed every morning are more likely to have more friends and more sex than those who don't make their bed every day. Bed makers were described as "adventurous, confident, sociable and high-maintenance." The study also showed that bed makers WILL judge you for not making your bed; 42% said that if they were dating someone who didn't make their bed, it would be a turn-off.

During this topic discussion on the show, we all gave guesses of who we thought was a bed maker and we found that only one person actually made the bed every morning: Brandon. Now, we all ruled out Buzz as a bed maker because... we'll because we've met Buzz. I initially guessed that Lisa was also a bed maker to which she said she only makes her bed on the weekends. Buzz initially guessed that I was a bed maker to which I said: "NOPE!" This is what my bed looks like when I leave for work (at 4 in the morning!)


Joanna Barba

Now, according to the study non-bed makers were described as shy, moody, curious and sarcastic. Non-bed makers only have sex on average twice a week and are less likely to have three or more friends. Non-bed makers were also found to enjoy rock music and the hit sitcom "Seinfeld" (those who do make their beds were more likely to enjoy jazz and "House Hunters). I mean... I've never actually watched "Seinfeld" but I hear good things.

Here's the thing, I WISH I was a bed maker! There nothing I enjoy more than a freshly made bed when I got to sleep. I will say that I will try to fix my bed before I go to sleep because I like a nicely made bed at bedtime. On the weekends I really do try to make my bed in the mornings, especially if I know I'll be going out that night, coming home tipsy to a made bed is my sweet spot. This study is enough to make me want to TRY to make my bed every morning. If you're like me and not a bed maker maybe this speech by Navy Seal Admiral McRaven will inspire like it's inspired me!

I'm challenging myself to make my bed at least ONCE during the week, I'll keep y'all updated!