I got to experience a couple of Chihuahua home games this past Memorial Day Weekend and it was awesome! Things have changed at the ballpark however. Here are some things to look out for when you go to a Chihuahua's game at Southwest University Park.

  • If you are taking a bag with you, make sure it's a clear bag. CLICK HERE to see their whole clear bag policy. Is this something they're being super strict about right now? No. I saw a lot of people with regular bags get in. The staff did thank those that had clear bags though and I have a feeling it's just a matter of time before they start turning people away who have a bag that it's clear.
  • Use the mobile ordering system for your food when you can. This can be a bit confusing. I was up on the 200 level in front of Alligator Alley and there was a gigantic line. But right above the window there's a sign that says "MOBILE ORDER PICK UP", so I assumed you had to wait in the line to pick up your food. You don't. Thank you to the Southwest University Park employee who helped me out with this. If you can, order through the mobile service (CLICK HERE TO GO THERE) and you just need to go up to the side and show them the receipt that was emailed to you to get your food. It saves a TON of time.
  • Be alert for foul balls. This isn't anything new when it comes to baseball, but with the extended netting I'm wondering if people have gained a false sense of security in certain areas of the park. If you're down a baseline and the net isn't directly between you and the batter, make sure you are always paying attention. We saw a poor kid get hit right in the cheek bone from a ball that was probably travelling over 90 mph. I have to give the kid credit, he took it like a champ. But please, make sure you're paying attention.
  • Check out all the information and guidelines. CLICK HERE to go to the park's page with all the information and guidelines you need before you head to a game.

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