How young is too young to start your kid in martial arts? Well, it’s not unusual to find people who excel in a given skill began at a very, very early age. Now you may think that the toddler…yes, TODDLER…in this video is too little to be learning kara-tay. I disagree. She’s following every instruction given to her perfectly. Maybe a little TOO perfectly. They tell her to yell “HI-YA”, she yells “HI-YA”. They show her how to…stomp on the mat?...she stomps on the mat. The instructor shows her how to lovingly pat the piece of wood, she pats the piece of wood SOOOO lovingly, you guys!

I’m starting to doubt if she actually EARNED that black belt she’s wearing, though. This is 90 seconds of adorableness that you won’t regret watching.

I’m still about 20 words shy of my 150 word blogging requirement so I’ll share a story this reminds me of.

1976. Summer Tee-Ball league. Scotty Mayberry is on first base when another kid on our team actually manages to hit the ball out of the infield. Scotty runs to second. As he does he hears multiple adults…coaches, parents, etc…yelling “Go home! Run to home!”. So, Scotty does. He stops at second base, shrugs his shoulders…and runs right over the pitcher’s mound to home plate!

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