Texas TikTok is the greatest. You get a bunch of fellow Texans who can openly share their love of Whataburger, Dr. Pepper and H-E-B without being shamed by someone who thinks In-N-Out Burgers are better. It's always great when a Texan's TikTok video shows up on my "For You Page", and trust me you can always tell when it's a fellow Texan.

Which is why when TikTok user definitely_not_travis's video on the major cities in Texas' dress code, I knew I had to follow him. He released part one of Texas' major cities dress code on August 10th, unfortunately, it did not have El Paso, but judging by the comments, he totally nailed all the other cities.


  Now, I've never been to Austin, but judging from others' pictures, I feel like he totally got that one. It wasn't until August 14th that he released a part two to his dress code video where we finally got to see El Paso. Tell me if you agree with the outfit he chose for the 915.  


I'm not sure the El Paso one is exact. Not that I haven't seen guys around these parts dressed like that, maybe on a Friday night at Whiskey Dicks, but is that how the rest of Texas views El Paso men?

Because the original videos garnered over a million views and thousands of likes, he continued the series with a part three that includes Abilene.


  A part four that includes Dallas Cowboys fans.  


And a part five where we can conclude that Not Travis is from the RGV.



So tell me, did he nail it?

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